“A Strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”

We believe there are two types of people:  People who buy into society’s expectations of having a bond, office job and kids and then, people who choose to live out of a suitcase, have constant wanderlust to explore different countries and taste every part of the world.

We have often wondered where wanderlust comes from, is it something you born with or part of your DNA? Could it be a type of addiction that once you have your first experience of setting foot in a foreign land, that you have this irresistible impulse to go back and explore another?

Having a job, house and family is an experience too but when you meet people of different cultures, explore ancient temples or scooter through the streets of India you realize you meant to be a part of something bigger and that is what we are all searching for!

Most of us are chasing accomplishments, money and material things but there has to be more to life than just waking up to constantly have to achieve to accumulate stuff to measure ones success.  We know we are not the only ones that feel like we want our success based on global experiences.  Instead of building a white picket fence around your house, why not have the whole world as your backyard?

If you possess this wanderlust and decide to become a world nomad or part of this “tribe”, there is one very important requirement:

“Have an open mind and open heart”

When you visit a new country the most important thing is to strip yourself of religion, cultural backgrounds, media influences and what society has taught you.  Dive right in, eat the street food, get a red dot blessing on your head and wear whatever traditional head gear you have to so you get that camel ride.  If you not prepared to absorb every bit of different that each country has to offer then rather watch it on TV, in your box house, surrounded by a white picket fence because you dont know what you are missing!

We believe there is a difference between being alive and actually living, so we going to blog about our experiences exploring the world trying to find it.



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