Which country in AFRICA should you visit?

Africa is believed to be the most diverse, beautiful and interesting continent that our planet has to offer.

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 The adventures and beauty seen in Africa are found in some of the oldest story books. In fact, some of the first civilizations that back to 3300BC were discovered here.

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It feels like God visits everywhere else, but lives in Africa.”  — Will Smith

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The continent has 54 countries, all unique with their own personalities and cultures.  Africa is known for its popular and interesting travel destinations and cities.

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Staying entertained in Africa comes naturally!  See the pyramids in Egypt, fly over Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, get lost in the streets of Stone Town or even enjoy a cocktail with the beautiful backdrop of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.  You wouldn’t be disappointed with the fantastic range that caters for everyone’s taste.

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Many only dream of going on an African safari to see the big five.  There is nothing quite like watching a tower of giraffes stretch their necks high up into the acacia trees, first spotting the eyes of a cheetah on a night drive or watching a busy heard of elephants stampede through the mud just a few meters away.

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Africa is home to the worlds largest animal which is the African elephant, the worlds tallest animal which is the giraffe and the worlds fastest land animal, the cheetah.  The land is flush with wildlife and the soil is filled with riches.

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Travelstart came up with a FUN quiz to help you discover your ideal African travel destination, The quiz sets your holiday preferences and helps you match your travel needs.  Travelstart is a leading Online Travel Agency that offers cheap flights to counties all over Africa.  They invite you to explore the unique rhythm of Africa and find out which country you secretly want to explore.

 Take the quiz here and let us know which county in Africa you picked? Click here to share this quiz with your frineds on Twitter

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Both Liza and I were both born in South Africa and love the diversity offered throughout the country.  We highly recommend adding our beautiful home to your travel bucket list.  It’s no surprise that Cape Town, South Africa is ranked one of the worlds best cities by Travel and Leisure, including numerous other travel awards.

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Many inspirational people have called South Africa home including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi who lived here for over 20 years. Many travelers have shared some incredible adventures with us about their South Africa travels and always tell us that they have met the nicest people here. (Makes us extra proud to call it our home)

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There are so many amazing things to see and do around the country.  If you visiting for the first time it will depend what province you exploring and if you interested in adventure, culture or just looking to unwind in the wild with an African sunset.  Here are just a handful of ideas to consider during your first visit:

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Catch the Cable Car Up Table Mountain (Western Cape)

Either hike or take a cable car up Table Mountain.  Not only are the views truly breathtaking but the mountain is also one of the new 7  wonders of nature.  (Tip – Book your cable car ticket online to avoid the ques and a lot of waiting)

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Hike through the Drakensberg Mountains (KwaZulu-Natal)

The Drakensberg escarpment stretches for over 1,000 kilometers.  There is a variety of hiking trails and paths available.  Some trails are suitable for the whole family and others are ideal for adventure seekers which can be completed over a few days.  The Drakensberg mountains offer beautiful panoramic views, scenic waterfalls, beautiful fauna and even a few bushman paintings.

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Spot the big five on an African Safari at Kruger National Park (Limpopo)

The world renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa.  It is one of the largest game reserves covering an area of 19,485 square kilometers.  (Safari Tip: Early mornings and evening time are usually the most productive game viewing periods.)

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Discover the rugged and untamed Wild coast (Eastern Cape)

Meet the friendly Xhosa peoplespot the Hole-in-the-Wall and discover beautiful waterfalls that drop into the sea.  The phenomenal scenery is quite unlike any other area in South Africa, the Wild Coast is a hiker’s and bird watchers paradise.

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Take a Soweto Township Tour (Gauteng)

Interact with the people of the township, hear their untold stories, experience the music, share traditional food and enjoy the customs.  Soweto is Infused with the history of the struggle against apartheid and the perfect opportunity to visit a local shebeen.

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Have you have been to Africa or did you take the online quiz? What country in Africa is on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below.

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Africa is believed to be the most diverse, beautiful and interesting continent that our planet has to offer. What is your dream holiday in Africa? #africa #travelstart

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    I’d like to go to South Africa and take the cable car. And how cute is that zebra?! Thanks for all of the info on Africa 🙂

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    Can’t agree more, South Africa is a good place to start any exploration of Africa. Your photos make me homesick for my home country. Can’t wait for our next visit in 2 months!

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    I have never been to Africa, but I want to see it all! Beaches and surfing in S. Africa, safari, sahara, egypt, morocco! we really need to go!

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    I’ve been to Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa and so far my favorite is South Africa. Africa has so many beautiful countries for exploration. Your summation of South Africa is right on point and I plan on going back next year.

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    Morocco is the country that the travel quiz popped out for me. Hope to go there some time.

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    OMG thanks for this. the pics are stunning and my next plan was africa so i will deffo get back to this to decide where to go!

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    What a great post. I think about visiting Africa and get overwhelmed. This helps a lot, actually. Thanks!

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    I have a dear friend who runs a school in Soweto! But also South Africa is on the top of my bucket list!!

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