Although there is never a dull moment traveling to new places and discovering exciting adventures, every now and again there is that extra special spark that you need to add to a bucket list.  We will cross off our experiences and link them as we go on the list below:

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Durban Harbour, South Africa


  1.  Hot air ballooning in Mayanmar over the ancient temples of Bagan
  2.  Camel trek in Rajasthan
  3.  Helicopter “Flip”
  4.  Spend a night in a haunted hotel
  5.  See the northern Lights
  6.  Stay in a house boat in the back waters of Kerala
  7.  See turtles hatch at St Lucia, South Africa
  8.  Visit A Volcano
  9.  Travel on a first class flight
  10.  Six week scooter ride across Vietnam
  11.  Shop at Adjuna Market in North Goa, India
  12.  Build a snowman
  13.  Shark Cage Diving
  14.  Snorkeling with the Seals in Cape Town
  15. Glastonbury Festival – England
  16.  Photograph the abandoned city in Kolmans Kop, Namibia
  17.  Attend a Afrikaburn Festival
  18.  Skeleton Gorge Hike up Table Mountain in Cape Town
  19.  Dive with the Whale Sharks
  20.  Wine Tasting
  21.  Splashy Fen Festival, KwaZulu Natal
  22.  Quad Biking in the Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal
  23.  Couch surfing
  24.  Island Hopping in Thailand.
  25.  Take A Cooking Class
  26.  Ride a sedge way
  27.  Teach A Language
  28.  Take a dip in Devils Pool in Zimbabwe
  29.  Volunteer at the Elephant Sanctuaries in Chan Mai
  30. Holi Festival in India
  31.  Bonfire on the beach
  32.  Stay in a Tree house
  33.  Paragliding
  34.  Get a Sak Yant Tattoo from a Buddhist monk at  Wat Bang Phra
  35.  Free Dive with Wale Sharks in Ko Tao – Thailand
  36.  Snorkeling in Mozambique
  37.  Go On A Safari
  38.  Zip Line
  39.  Burning man Festival
  40.  Whale Watching
  41.  Sail on a catamaran
  42.  Live in a van for a few months (Inspired by Wayfaring Kiwi)
  43.  Take a selfie in Morocco


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