17 Ways To Grow Your Mind, Body and Soul around Durban

Want to grow you mind, body and soul around Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa?

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between all these factors by nurturing your whole self, including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Photo by Simon Rae 

Here is a list of things that we have incorporated into our lives to help maintain that balance, maybe it can do the same for you!

1. Find peace at the Buddhist Retreat Centre

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A place of solitude

In Ixopo, a short drive from Durban you will find the Buddhist Retreat set in the beautiful countryside.  Among the hilly grasslands, dams, indigenous bush and forests, the centre offers a tranquil environment for the study and practice of philosophy, psychology, meditation and the arts associated with Buddhist culture.

The centre hosts different retreats throughout the year where you can come learn and be a part of something different or it can be a place of solitude where you come to just be one with nature. The accommodation is simple, comfortable and there are different options to choose from.  My personal favorite is the delicious vegetarian food made from organically grown vegetables and the farm baked bread.  When you need that break from it all this is the place to escape too.

The Buddhist retreat centre also have their very own best-selling recipe booksQuiet FoodThe Cake the Buddha Ate and Plentiful:The Big Book Of Buddha Food.

2. Attend a Kundalini yoga class

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Where the Mind and Body Meet

This is not the kind of Yoga that you find down at the gym. This is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. Kundalini yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Its the simple sum of Mind + Body = Happy Soul.

Up the hill in Winston Park we found the Eagle’s view Yoga Studio, a unique studio that makes everyone feel welcome. The owner, Chrisna puts you at ease and guides you to a place that we all seek at the end of every long day.

Eagles View Yoga Studio also host various talks and workshops, follow them on Facebook for more information.

 3. Unwind at the Conscious Cafe’ 

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Wholesome food and fun

We have mentioned the Councious Cafe’ a few times now and their name just keeps popping up as they tick all the boxes. You will find this delightful cafe nestled up in Hillcrest in a old stone castle. The vibe here is pure ambiance, sitting under the trees eating fresh home made vegetarian/vegan meals or sitting inside the majestic castle itself.

The cafe offers more than just amazing food, some nights they offer live music, drumming circles, movie nights. (with free popcorn and tea) The month end Om Chanting will enrich all your sixth senses.

Like their Facebook Page to stay up to date with all this little gem has to offer and when.

4. Shop at the Shambala gift shop

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Oh, the treasures you will find!

This enchanting shop will make you feel like you shopping in one of those far away Eastern countries. The smell of incense fills the room and there is a really good energy here (there is no other way to say it!)

The space is filled with Indian tapestries, clothes, jewelry, salt lamps, Buddha’s and books. They have a beautiful selection of all things spiritual and soulful. Shambala is located at the Mushroom Farm @450 Kassier Road and Philippe has a stall at The Shongweni Market on a Saturday.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

5. Go on a Sacred journey

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Connect with nature, all of creation and yourself

Situated in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills, Sacred Journeys is a place where you can retreat from the busy-ness of the world, re-connect to nature & find the healing you seek.

Whether you looking for an Awareness Retreat, Relationships Workshop, Living Clean Program, Sisterhood Circle, Community Gathering, become a Rainbow Warrior or prefer to walk your own path of self-discovery, Sacred Journeys gives you a space for stillness, reflection & the tools to find yourself again.

Lou and Laurel are amazing people who are open and easy to connect with, they have opened their home and hearts to help people through their life journeys in the most natural way possible.

Find out more about Sacred Journeys on their Facebook page

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 6. Take a walk in nature

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Taking time out to go into nature is something everyone can benefit from. It’s a great way to get some fresh air, revitalise your soul and get some fresh air in your lungs. We have put together a list of our top 8 hikes in the Durban area where you will be surrounded by nature, forests or maybe even a waterfall or two.

  • Krantskloof Nature Reserve – based in Kloof – scenic trails offering different levels of difficulty and even a few waterfalls.
  • Virginia Bush Nature Reserve – Durban North side – the highest point has stunning views of the ocean.
  • Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve – Yellowwood Park – there are sections of wetlands were you will see Zebra and other animals. There is also a castle situated inside the reserve.
  • Shongweni Dam – Hillcrest – here you will find over 250 species of bird, its a quiet paradise.
  • Paradise Valley Nature Reserve – Scenic trails over wooden bridges that lead to a beautiful waterfall, great picnic spots.
  • Giba Gorge Nature Reserve -Pinetown/Kloof area – here you will find lush surroundings and the picturesque Mcintosh falls.
  • Beachwood Mangroves – Umgeni River Mouth – The easy 1km circular trail meanders along sections of boardwalk through the 76-hectare swamp, lots of wildlife.
  • Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve – Umhlanga – This walk consists of an estuary, dune forest and coastal forest.

 7. Discover the Hare Krishna temple

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We felt the love

Just off the Higginson Highway in Chatsworth. This beautiful spiritual temple is a masterpiece. The Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple’s domed roof glows in the sun and is an acclaimed architectural masterpiece. Whether you looking to speak to a Guru about your life’s purpose or just want to experience something different this sanctuary offers both.

On a Sunday at 3pm anybody and everybody gathers in a beautiful decorated temple for a afternoon of praise, sing and dance followed by a traditional ISKCON love feast which offers some incredible vegetarian food. We definitely felt the love here. (Remember to be polite and dress accordingly)

Read more about the temple and upcoming events on their website.

8. Mahasiddha Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Centre

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Finding Peace and Happiness

The monks and volunteers at this centre are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to find reliable ways to solve their daily problems and to find peace and happiness. They teach  weekly meditation classes to suit all levels and you can find them in different areas in Durban during the week.

The main centre is based in Westville at 26 Menston Road, Westville (behind Westville Mall) and also offer retreats, courses, and a structured study programme. We have done nature walks and meditation with them and its a great way to meet new people.

Read more about events, retreats and classes on their website.

9.  Join a Park Run 

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More than just a “run”

Don’t let the word “run”make you head for the hills. This is not just a run, it’s a social gathering of friends, families and pets of all different ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter who you are, what challenges you face or how fit you are, it’s about bettering yourself for yourself. It may not just be physically but for many it may even be spiritually, mentally or the thought of being a part of something.  The Park run starts at the Durban promenade, every Saturday,  just outside Suncoast Casino every Saturday. You can sign up to get your personal bar code and follow your progress of how many park runs you do and what your time is.

To sign up for Park run or find out more information, visit their website.

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10. Find your treasure at BeeLight Crystals

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Jewels from the Earth

Next time you in the Windermere area you have to make a stop at the Blue house. You can never have too many crystals or precious stones and at Blue House you will find exactly what you are looking for and more! Just the simple presence of healing crystals in your home will assist you to change and grow spiritually.

Specific healing stones may also aid other spiritual practices.  The owner Barry will enlighten you will his great charm and extensive knowledge of these treasures from the earth.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

11. Golden Light Meditation & Healing Centre

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A space to be at peace

Shirley at the Golden Light meditation and Healing Centre hosts amazing weekly meditation circles. She infuses chimes and crystals making it a very unique experience.

The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and very relaxed. The centre also has offer holistic healing, has a small spiritual shop and they host workshops.  Golden Light meditation and healing centre is based in Pinetown just outside Durban.

Check out their Facebook Page for more information or contact +27 83 262 9932 to book a healing.

 12. Travel somewhere spiritual

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Picture taken in Varanasi – India

This is our favourite option and proven over and over that it works! Travel to a place that is inwardly calling you, a place that YOU feel a spiritual connection to. Let it be a Ashram in India or to see the majestic Pyramids in Egypt, stop putting it off until next year or the following and make it happen. There is nothing like stripping away the layers and getting to your true core and that is what this spiritual journey will do.

 13. Blessing at the Hindu Temple

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The biggest Hindu Temple in Durban. Make sure you head down for your daily Bhajan where you will chant and sing devotional songs. You can also go for a blessing, just take a small offering of fruit and milk. Everyone is welcome. The Temple is situated at 535 Umgeni Road, Greyville.

The temple can be contacted on +27 31 312 5069 for more information.

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14. Consume organic vegetables and foods

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Straight from the earth

The Veggie shop is located @ The Mushroom Farm at 450 Kassier Road, Assagay (right next door to Shambala). Fresh from the earth, these vegetables are as healthy and wholesome as they can get. They are know for their organic produce and natural products. Our favourite is their sweet potato pita’s.

Contact the shop on +31 768 1877 for more information.

15. Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre

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Photo supplied by Waterfall Retreat

Learning centre in nature

This beautiful natural sanctuary is where people of all nationalities and cultures meet. It is nestled in the the Nkutu Nature Reserve in Kloof surrounded by nature and indigenous rolling landscapes. The practice of mindful awareness is at the heart of all the activities at the retreat. The center hosts retreats where guest speakers and teachers will deepen your understanding of the mind. For the body there is yoga, meditation and silent walks in this beautiful reserve.

Follow them on Facebook or make a booking on AirBNB

16. Read an inspiring book

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The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho

There is nothing like snuggling up under a blanket and burying your head in a good book! Expand your knowledge with any topic that interests you!  The list is endless of really good books that can enlighten any reader.

My suggestion, do some homework online and read reviews, libraries also keep a large selection of books. This book is my personal choice because every time I read it I learn something, no matter what stage you are in your life this book will resonate with you.

Here is a list of Influential Books That Inspire Our Travels

17. Regular Events, Retreats and Spiritual life coaches in the Durban Area.

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Durban has allot to offer when it comes to fairs and events to help rejuvenate your body and mind. We have put a list together of a few regular events, retreats and spiritual life coaches in the Durban Area that we think are worth checking out!

  • The Psychic and Lifestyle Expo – Annually held at Suncoast Casino – palm readings, angel readings and lots more.
  • Festival of Chariots – held by the international society for Krishna consciousness (Hare Krishna’s) on Durban beachfront, everyone is
  • Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat – Underberg – Hosts of various retreats and weekend get away’s in the most beautiful mountainous setting.
  • Spiritualist Churches – Glenwood (Centre of Universal Mind), Umkomaas (Sanctuary of the Great White Light) hosts an annual Mind, Body and Soul Fair which has stalls, readers, healers, talks, alternative therapies.
  • Secret Sunrise – This one is a secret that you need to check out, read more on their website.
  • Yoga retreats at Mantis and Moon backpackers – About 1.5 hours outside of Durban they offer very unique experiences and weekend Yoga retreats in a tree house setting.
  • Pagan fair Freedom Day Durban – usually held at the Golden Hours school in Durban North on 27th April (Freedom Day) You will find everything and anything in this one place including therapies.
  • Intuitive Rene – Spiritual life coach and Psychic Medium – Based in the Pinetown area.
  • Soul Angel Carol – Esoteric services, crossing over and life coach – Based in Amanzimtoti – just following her Facebook page is a healthy dose of positive information and upliftment.
  • Heike Sym – Psychic Medium and life coach – Based in Kloof – hosts various workshops in the Durban area.

What do you do to unwind and better yourself? Know of any good ways to grow your mind, body and soul around Durban? Let us know in the  comments below. 

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Want to grow you mind, body and soul around Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa? It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between all these factors by nurturing your whole self, including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. #durban #southafrica #spiritual #mindbodysoul #travel Want to grow you mind, body and soul around Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa? It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between all these factors by nurturing your whole self, including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. #durban #southafrica #spiritual #mindbodysoul #travel Want to grow you mind, body and soul around Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa? It’s important to maintain a healthy balance between all these factors by nurturing your whole self, including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. #durban #southafrica #spiritual #mindbodysoul #travel

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